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All About Us

What Is
Built from Ashes?

Built from Ashes is the strength to pick yourself up, its the confidence in yourself to keep going and the determination to come out of all your hardships better than before. When you go through hardships in your life, whether it be a heartbreak, the loss of a loved one, the failure of a test, getting the cut from your dream team, etc., you feel like dirt; ashes. 

The idea behind my brand is to help give the motivation needed to get oneself back on their feet, the idea of independence, and helping yourself (sometimes with a little help from others), to build yourself up to be better than before. 

At the end of the day, its YOUR life to change and YOU have to be the one to change it and become the Pheonix (success’) from the ashes (failures) of your own life, essentially become built from your failures, built from ashes. Your success wouldn’t be without your failures.

Everything Is Handmade !

Handmade items help comfort loved ones through difficult times, letting someone you love know you’re thinking about them. Each Built from Ashes order is uniquely handmade specifically for each customer. Whether its a blanket to give an extra hug through a tough time, (even if that tough time is just the winter!) or a bracelet to let your friend know that although her heart may be broken, she still shines, or even just to brighten someone else’s day, Built from Ashes is the perfect go-to for a thoughtful, handmade, pick-me-up! (or a treat-yourself for getting shit done! -being a boss bitch! -or seeing self-growth! -- all things to be celebrated!)

Oh, and I'm Ashlyn!

I chose this name to represent my handmade business not only because I feel like this is a representation of who I am, but also because it’s important to me that people see the brighter side of things and to keep going, keep pushing forward because the only way to get out of it, is to go through it.

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