Why Buy Handmade?

When you buy handmade it shows that you care!

If you buy your friend a commercially produced necklace, the chances are that somebody else will have it too. It might be pretty, but it's not necessarily unique. Buying a handmade item shows you took the time to consider what the specific person likes so that you'll treat them to something not only that they love, but also that nobody else will have! There is a story behind each product. Each handmade product has its story, each handmade shop and the person who created it puts a lot of time and effort into making something that's unique, beautiful and made just for you

Each handmade product is unique

Unlike gifts that are mass-produced, you will often find unique differences in each handmade item, which really makes the product and the purchase very special. Nobody in the whole world will have exactly the same item at home, and that's pretty unique!


Handmade is supporting the local economy

When you buy Built from Ashes, you directly support US-based artists! O.K they might not be directly local to you, but the money stays in the US. And that's a pretty big deal. The money doesn't pay for large international bonuses, where the actual maker receives a fraction of the product price, but it goes directly to the person who made your wonderful gift. But it's not just about money. Each purchase, gives the artist, the maker, the craftsperson confidence in their product, chance to develop their skills further, opportunity to re-invest the money back to their business and carry on producing beautiful work of art. Made w joy, honor & respect vs mass-produced in a factory by a low paid worker who doesn’t love his job.

Handmade IS High Quality

Speaking of value, those who create handmade products understand the value of making that product in the highest of quality. While it is tempting to get a deal rather than pay a higher price, it’s important to remember that spending less typically means you’re getting less; less integrity of the product, less trust in where it came from, and a lesser quality of material.


Every item is handmade to order so please allow enough time for the creation process. We will try our best to get you your items as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

All custom orders placed will be subject to being put on our site for sale to other customers.


Hats, Beanies & Headbands are as follows:

Small sizes are all between 15-18 inches in diameter.

This should fit small children.

Medium sizes are all between 19-21 inches in diameter.

This should fit bigger/older children, teens, and some young or smaller adults.

Large sizes are all between 22-24 inches in diameter.

This should fit most adults.

**Plese note that the extra soft chunky knits run a little big so only 2 sizes are being offered.

Child sizes will fit most children.

Adult sizes will fit most adults.

Jewelry sizes are as follows: 

Smalls will fit children and most small females, or if you are looking for a tight fit. 

Mediums will fit most adult women

Larges will fit most adult men

Shirts, Sweatshirts are as follows:

True to size.


We accept online orders made using PayPal, one of the most trusted online payment solutions on the web. We do this to ensure your security and safety.


Every item is hand-made to order so please allow up to two weeks for processing time. Once shipped most domestic orders take anywhere from 2 to 10 business days to arrive depending on the efficiency of your local postal service. International shipping delivery times may vary between 2 and 12 weeks. I try my best to be very timely and get your orders made and shipped as quickly as possible, however, if there is a high demand (i.e holiday time) orders may take longer. 

Follow our social media pages to stay updated on holiday cut off dates and keep up with what is happening on our side! We promise to keep you updated!


You will receive an email with tracking information once your items have been shipped. Again, please allow at least 2 weeks to receive your tracking number.


All knits and jewelry are made to the highest quality and if there should be a problem, please e-mail me as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, we do not allow returns.

We will, however, exchange an item if it does not fit, for the same item in a different size.

Exchanges may only be considered up to 10 days of receiving the item.

**All crafts/ paintings are final sale.



We will not hold any credit/debit information as that is all gathered securely through the Paypal app. If a custom order is made, you are agreeing to allow us to use and sell your design as well. We will collect your e-mail address for updates, newsletters, products coming soon, holiday deadlines, coupons, and more!


If you have any issues, questions, comments or concerns please feel free to contact us.

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